Walnut with doubled figs rejoiced the dinner“.


Horace (35 BC)


Marano Brothers make by hand their products, using exclusive family’s recipes created by Bartolo Marano and handed down for three generations.

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Diagonal basket with selected Paciocchi

A fragrant and delicious product, now become a renowned classic of Marano Brothers: Paciocchi are the excellent combination between delicious baked figs stuffed with almond and orange peel and pure chocolate, in a typical basket with extra pure dark chocolate and pure white chocolate. An ideal solution for a sweet gift.

Four-leaf clover basket with Paciocci and Bon Bon

A typical basket containing four Marano Brothers products: classic and delicious Paciocchi stuffed with almonds and orange peel and the soft and tasty Bon Bon, both offered with pure and extra pure white chocolate coating. An ideal solution for a sweet gift.