Marano Brothers make by hand their products, using exclusive family’s recipes created by Bartolo Marano and handed down for three generations.

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Crocette stuffed with almonds

A delicious product from the tradition and flavors of our land. Crocette take their name from the typical cross shape which is obtained with four figs stuffed with toasted almonds and orange peel, then baked and flavored according to Marano's old recipe.

Braids of figs with myrtle

Trecce are born from an ancient and simple family tradition, delicious figs twisted together and baked, embellished during cooking by the aromas of a myrtle sprig with which they are intertwined, then coated with a tasty cinnamon sugar syrup.

Coroncine flavored with cinnamon

Coroncine are born from an ancient and simple family tradition. Delicious figs tucked in the shape of a crown, cooked in the oven and embellished by the aromas of myrtle sprigs and then smeared with a tasty sugar cinnamon syrup.