Marano Brothers offer a selection of typical products of Calabrian excellence, a series of delicacies fruit of the artisan passion and the ancient traditions of our land.

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confettura extra di albicocche

Apricot Jam

Apricot jam handcrafted by F.lli Marano. Without preservatives or dyes.
marmellata di bergamotto

bergamot jam

Bergamot jam handcrafted by F.lli Marano with pulp and peel of Calabrian bergamot cut into small pieces, without preservatives or dyes. Bergamot is a citrus fruit typical of the Calabrian territory. With a strong flavor and an intense aroma, bergamot jam is a specialty that enriches breakfasts and desserts with unique flavors.
Liquore di Bergamotto

Bergamotto Liquor

Marmellata di Bergamotto

Bergamotto Marmelade

Ingredients: Zest pulp and fresh bergamot juice and sugar. Zucchero adj. 50% Fruit used 50% - Contains no preservatives or dyes.

Calabrian Eggplants Filets

Ingredients: Eggplant 89%, extra virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs, vinegar, garlic, hot pepper, salt - Contains no preservatives or colorings.
Marmellata di cedro

Cedar Marmalade

Cedar jam handcrafted by F.lli Marano with pulp and peels of Calabrian cedar, without preservatives and dyes. Cedar jam is a preserve made using both the pulp and the peel of the cedar, excluding the albedo (the white part of the peel) which would make it bitter. Cedar is a fruit very rich in vitamin C and mineral salts.
Confettura di Peperoncino

Chili Jam

Ingredients: Chilli, lemon, sugar. Chili pepper used 50%, sugar agg. 48% - Contains no preservatives or dyes.
Marmellata di clementine

clementine jam

Clementines are a sweet autumn fruit that arises from the encounter between mandarin and mandarin orange. From the strong perfume, the thin peel and without seeds, of the clementines we use both the pulp and the peels, obtaining a unique jam for flavors and sweetness. Spread on bread or as a filling for cakes and pies, Clementine jam is another of nature's precious gifts.