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Paciocchi - fichi ricoperti di cioccolato Bianco 250 gr

Paciocchi with almonds covered with pure white chocolate

A fragrant and delicious product now become a renowned Marano Brothers classic: Paciocchi are the excellent result of a perfect combination among delicious baked figs stuffed with almond, orange zest and extra pure white chocolate.

Giocondi covered with pure white chocolate

Enjoy with your friends the smallest figs, not stuffed, baked and covered with pure chocolate.

Duo Marano

A Cube goodness! For a couple of lovers, for a group of friends or simply for those who are doubly greedy. Two different flavors in one fun package, unique in Italy. Choose your favorite one and enjoy Marano Brothers artisan dragées.

Handmade Panettone

Panettoni Marano Brothers are made with fresh eggs, milk, quality butter, flour, high-grade Italian sugar and selected aromatic ingredients, such as Madagascar's Mananara vanilla. The production starts in November, to offer the customer a fresh and fragrant product, and is limited to a few pieces. All Panettoni are minimum 1000 gr.

The Bomb

Ingredients: Olive oil, eggplants, hot peppers, peppers, mushrooms (Boletus luteus, Boletus edulis, Lactarius deliciosus), artichokes, salt, natural flavors. Acidity corrector: citric acid.