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Confettura di Peperoncino

Chili Jam

Ingredients: Chilli, lemon, sugar. Chili pepper used 50%, sugar agg. 48% - Contains no preservatives or dyes.

Chocolates with chilli

Handmade Marano Brothers chocolates with chili cream.
Marmellata di clementine

clementine jam

Clementines are a sweet autumn fruit that arises from the encounter between mandarin and mandarin orange. From the strong perfume, the thin peel and without seeds, of the clementines we use both the pulp and the peels, obtaining a unique jam for flavors and sweetness. Spread on bread or as a filling for cakes and pies, Clementine jam is another of nature's precious gifts.

Cloves of Tangerine covered with extra pure dark chocolate

Delicious candied cloves of Tangerine covered with extra pure dark chocolate. A fragrant product with an intense flavor, inspired by the centuries-old fruits of Calabria.

Diagonal basket with selected Paciocchi

A fragrant and delicious product, now become a renowned classic of Marano Brothers: Paciocchi are the excellent combination between delicious baked figs stuffed with almond and orange peel and pure chocolate, in a typical basket with extra pure dark chocolate and pure white chocolate. An ideal solution for a sweet gift.
Pomodori essiccati sottolio

Dried tomatoes in oil

Ingredients: Dried tomatoes 53%, extra virgin olive oil, salt, vinegar, aromatic herbs - Contains no preservatives or dyes.

Duo Marano

A Cube goodness! For a couple of lovers, for a group of friends or simply for those who are doubly greedy. Two different flavors in one fun package, unique in Italy. Choose your favorite one and enjoy Marano Brothers artisan dragées.

Easter Cake Chocolate

Baked handmade product completely natural.

Ficule with Coffee cream covered with extra pure dark chocolate

A unique product that combines tradition and modernity: Le Ficule, soft figs cooked in the oven, filled with delicious creams handcrafted by Marano Brothers and covered with pure chocolate.