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Fig properties: interview with Marano’ brothers

Le proprietà del Fico

The fig tree is widespread in Calabria and its fruits have long been considered the “food of the poor”, because fresh fig or dried fig were eaten by rural populations. The figs has variuos benefits, because of it contains iron, potassium, fiber, vitamin A and C. Benefits are more in dried figs. Eating them during the winter, for example, is wholesome and this is a rule for Calabrians.

Marano Brothers know very well fig properties, they are in this business for three generations with passion.

What sets fig apart from other confectionery products, why choose it?

It is an handmade product, completely natural and gluten-free. It is a traditional and ancient product, processed according grandparents’s recipes, but we have also modern proposals who satisfy every taste. It is typical Calabrian product and it is an excellence.

Is it true that figs have high calories?

Figs are a very sweet product, they have high sugar content, but grapes or mandarins have more calories than figs. Compared with a snack, they have half calories, because they are a natural product, without dyes, preservatives, fats or vegetable oils. So it is an healthy food, with nutritional properties.

For example?

Figs, especially dried ones, are very nutritional and represent an important source of energy. They haven’t fat, cholesterol or sodium, and have a lot of soluble fiber. It is possible to integrate them into the diet of children, the elderly, pregnant women and athletes, because they have an energy intake and high fiber content. This extraordinary energy charge is important to contrast physical and mental weakening. I like to call figs “Mediterranean snack”. Fig has digestive properties, his enzymes facilitates absorbtion of foods; it has a lot of potassium, iron and calcium so it is indicated for bones, teeth, sight and skin. Figs are “friends of the heart”, they have polyphenols and natural antioxidants.

Some advise to enjoy them?

You can taste Marano traditional figs and the covered figs throughout the day: on the morning as healthy and energetic breakfast; like a snack at any time of day, as both sweet and as a fruit; after lunch or after dinner, with a liqueur, a raisin wine or with a rum or cognac.

A difficult choise!

In fact, Marano range has figs in more than 30 different varieties. Despite this, passion for the fig is considerable so we are constantly engaged to research and experiment more recipes able to conquer the taste of everybody. The line is destined to grow up!

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